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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Sheelin Irish Lace Museum

The museum has just had a makeover.
It is open from 10am-6pm everyday
except sunday from March until Nov.
All the exhibits date from 1850-1910

Youghal Needlelace Flounce,
and a cabinet filled with wonderful
lace Fans and Handkerchiefs.

Youghal Needlelace Fan and
Magnificent Carrickmacross Guipure
Wedding Gown
French Bed with Lace Canopy
and Wedding Gown.
This is a section of the most fantastic
Irish Crochet Lace Wedding Gown.
This is the full gown in all its
Irish Harp on a Limerick Lace
Align Centre
Irish Crochet Wedding Gown.
A large gown like this would have
taken many months if not years to make,
and would usually have been made by
a group of lacemakers.

The most beautiful Irish Crochet
gowns very often had Crochet
pendents added.
Align Centre
Lonely little Edwardian Limerick
Lace Gown absolutely tiny!
Wedding Gown with amazing
Carrickmacross Lace Train
Youghal Treasures!
This cabinet contains very rare
Inishmacsaint Needlelace.
Carrickmacross Lace Wedding Train

More Inishmacsaint
This is the end of our little tour
if you are ever in Bellanaleck
Northern Ireland call and see
the rest.


  1. Да, деградировали мы с автоматизацией...

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. I'd love to get married over again and wear one of these beautiful gowns.

  4. My beating heart how absolutely beautiful I'm going to teach myself some Irish Crochet