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This blog is a collection of items for sale from the Sheelin Lace Shop. I specialise in antique Irish lace and sell an array of vintage pieces, from lace wedding gowns c1900 to beaded flapper dresses from the 1920's. Please contact me for prices. +44(0)2866 348052

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Antique Christening Gowns For Sale

Christening Gown A :
Gown With Beautiful Irish Crochet

Christening Gown B :
Gown With Beautiful Irish Crochet
Front Panel

Christening Gown C :
Gown With Frilled Skirt

Small Hole
Christening Gown D : 

Christening Gown E : 

Christening Gown F :
Gown With Beautiful Pleated
Front Panel

Christening Gown G :
Fabulous Gown With Pleated Front
& Bobbin Lace

Porcelain & Lace Pincushion Ladies

These little porcelain ladies with their
wonderful antique lace gowns would
grace the dressing tables of wealthy
ladies, they could stick their hatpins
and brooches in the padded skirt and
drape their necklaces around them.