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This blog is a collection of items for sale from the Sheelin Lace Shop. I specialise in antique Irish lace and sell an array of vintage pieces, from lace wedding gowns c1900 to beaded flapper dresses from the 1920's. Please contact me for prices. +44(0)2866 348052

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Antique Lace Shawls For Sale

Please Email For Prices

Shawl A 19th C. Applique Lace

 Shawl B:19th C. Tambour lace shawl

 Shawl C:19th C. Applique Lace Shawl

 Shawl D:19th C. Applique Lace Shawl

 Shawl E:19th C. Bobbin Lace Applique

 Shawl F: 19th C. Carrickmacross Guipure
Lace Shawl 

 Shawl G:19th C. Carrickmacross Applique 
Lace Shawl

 Shawl H:19th C. White Embroidered

 Cape I:19th C. Irish Crochet Cape


  1. Absolutely stunning workmanship. I happened upon your blog while doing a search for bobbin lace shawl. I'm listening to a book by Monica Ferris who had referred about this special work and it sparked my interested.

    I had no idea just how stunning it was. I will be your lately follower, if you don't mind and I hope to purchase one of these items.

    Warm wishes,
    Cotton Peony

    1. Thank you I hope you can get to my shop someday

  2. Just ethereal. I love the lace shawl - perfection. I am an artist I hand paint shawls for Yours Elegantly a cashmere pashmina & silk shawls especially unique shawls online site and I know a great shawl when I see one. Kudos!

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