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This blog is a collection of items for sale from the Sheelin Lace Shop. I specialise in antique Irish lace and sell an array of vintage pieces, from lace wedding gowns c1900 to beaded flapper dresses from the 1920's. Please contact me for prices. +44(0)2866 348052

Monday, 14 March 2016

Antique Lace Handkerchiefs for Sale

    Antique Lace Handkerchiefs
    Email for prices
    Handkerchief A  Limerick Lace

     Handkerchief B   Bobbin Lace

    Handkerchief C Carrickmacross Guipre Lace

    Handkerchief D  Appliqué Lace

    Handkerchief E. Appliqué Lace

    Handkerchief F.  Carrickmacross Guipure Lace


    Handkerchief H  Youghal Needlelace

    Handkerchief I  Tape & Needlelace

    Handkerchief J  Youghal Needlelace

    Handkerchief K Tape & Needlelace


  1. I am interested in the prices on the Youghal lace lappet, the applique lace handkerchief and the porcelain and lace ladies. Could you email the prices on those? Thank you. Geri M. Bosley

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